It’s the Grootmyster

Hello, hello and welcome to This is my Ode to me… Groot! I’m glad you stumbled across my humble internet abode, my safe haven, and my instagram to Kim Kardashian. Like I said on my About Groot page, I needed a place where I feel seen, wanted, and/or loved in a friendship kind of way… if you’re looking for a little more tinder feels, give me a shout at and we can work something out, or set something up… whatever floats your cute little (or big, I don’t discriminate) boat.

All jokes aside, I hope you like (or don’t like) what I have to say. Either way interact with me, let me know how you’re feeling too. We can make each other feel attended to, rather than the manilla square/rectangle walls at our cube farms… stay clicked in, there’s more where all of this came from 😉