Religion: Is it For Me?

So, you’ve done your research, you’ve visited a church, a mosque, and a temple (or not) and you’re still not satisfied with what you’ve experienced. Here’s a thought – organized religion may not be for you. First, let’s clarify what we mean by organized religion. When we say organized religion, specifically, we are talking about the religious sects: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.

Society is evolving and changing such ways in which the individual is asked to expand their horizons. We are constantly lobbied to include those who stray from the norm. By strongly encouraging society to incorporate and accept the atypical, our standard of inclusion and the need to keep an open mind to all the options and possibilities continues to increase. With this need to include constantly growing, we are indirectly, and maybe inadvertently, forcing the individual to ask taboo questions about the practices of a chosen religion.

Many studies show that the up and coming generations are growing less inclined to seek organized religion. Rather, millennials, generation Y’s, and those to come seem to be seeking spirituality. Studies have also indicated a cultural shift, specifically in the States, emphasizing the individual and encouraging Americans and America’s habitants to put themselves first. With this in mind, the individual may have a difficult time committing to and properly participating in a collective.

So, we’re back to this question of whether religion is for you or not? Consider this – the idea of religion, believing in a higher power, or the idea of how all actions are connected to their congruent positive and/or negative consequences is what you seek. Maybe you are seeking to deepen your relationship with that higher power, but are unsure how to nourish that bond. Since you’re not quite sure how to spark the growth and strength of your relationship with this higher power, does that mean you must turn to organized religion to assist? Short answer, you know you the best.

That “little voice inside you” that we usually only hear women talk about, well everyone has one. Choose what you feel is best for you, your sanity, and ultimately your mental health. When we put religion, in and of itself, into perspective, each and every member of the congregation, mosque, temple, etc. all have the same goal that they are working towards – live life by the rules given to me from a book written by God in order to make it to a place of bliss, ease, and peace.

You might be searching your entire life, but at least you will be searching for yourself.

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