Muslim Ban: What Does It Mean?

As hard as we are trying to not stir the pot with too many radical political views, there is a lens we can look through while examining the U.S Muslim Ban of 2017 and that is a lens of worldwide religion. For a brief background of what took place, essentially U.S.A Border Customs and immigration blocked members from Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States in order to “Protect the peace”. Without outright saying that this was a Muslim ban even made it more worse for the politicians in the U.S, they deem it as a necessary precaution to take when dealing with terrorists immigrating into the country. By refusing to admit it was a Muslim ban, it resulted in a backhand slap to the entire religion of Islam. From many other world religion’s perspectives, they can clearly see this as another attempt of one group dominating another group of people’s thoughts and philosophies and ultimately holding the entire group accountable for actions of religious extremists.

What Does It All Mean?

So the question that is obviously on everyone’s mind is that will this tradition continue and spill over into other religions as well? The answer is only time will be able to tell. The most likely way problems such as these will ever get solved is through world religions uniting in a common stand against differences. By banning Muslims from entering the U.S, they have openly admitted that they are barring a “different” group of people then they are, out of nothing but paranoia. This differences will continue to cause nothing but war as no good will come out of treating different groups of people like they are different. Another problem will be created if many immigrant-based companies that our economy heavily relies on such as roofing, carpet cleaning, floor refinishing, etc. are no longer able to operate at the type of service level that they have recently been providing.

Next Steps?

So now that a very large chunk of a significant religion is being outlawed, many don’t know what the next steps will be. We can only hope that this gets noticed by some serious authorities in the world such as the U.N or the Supreme Court in order to return peace and dignity to an innocent group of people. What they must do is restore order, freedom, and peace to the world so that all religions can continue on in their faiths without fears of persecution. It is this fear that will ultimately lead to more paranoia and more wars and the cycle will simply continue. What the world can only hope for, is that all religions big and small take this time to fight the ban and realize that as different as we are, we are all human and we all just want peace.

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