Religion: Evolve Yo’ Self

Not only is religion something that we as humans can turn to in times of distress or confusion as it has served for thousands of year, but many believe it to be the medium for which we can further evolve as a species. Scientists predict that by dedicating ourselves to lives lived based on spirit and well-being, we become less focused on our animalistic impulses. In order to prove this theory, many have looked at the way that we have evolved from gorillas (obviously contrary to what most religion tells us but let’s look at it from a scientific perspective). Gorillas have few things that they worry about as they lead simplistic lives, going from finding food, to mating to establishing dominance/ or protecting territory. From that to where we have become we can see differences in conscience as we are able to tell right from wrong, develop empathetic relationships and possess the ability to reason, all distinguishing characteristics of a developed brain. What the theory of religion can now do to us is slowly begin to put less pressure on our “basic” needs and focus more on other needs.

So What Will It Lead To?


It has been predicted that by placing less effort on our basic needs and more on other needs such as feeding our spirit, focusing on happiness and less on materialistic things, we are able to evolve an almost brand new kind of brain. This will almost completely transform us into different modern day humans than the ones that lived before our time. This will be a revolutionary change in the evolutionary tree and it will have all come about as a result of believing in something greater than ourselves.


Ultimately this is the kind of power that can take place when we either believe in something greater or devote ourselves to a greater cause. Simply by doing these things you can even be able to evolve your own being as you go through life. You will be following in the footsteps of many others before you who have already chosen this path. It will be able to open doors that you never thought possible before once you believe in something greater than yourself, and lead you to live a life of happiness and peace rather than stress and anxiety.

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