Religion: How the Heck Does it Start SO Many Wars?

When we talk about world religion from a modern perspective, we must start at the beginning. Since the earliest records of man, there have always been beliefs regarding a greater power than ourselves amongst humans. Scientists believe that in the early days, such beliefs were stemmed from unexplainable occurrences and outcomes in the world. By looking at the wonders of the world and how they operate, whether it is the food chain working in perfect harmony or it’s the seasons changing, it is easy to see how most of us have believed something else was doing this for us. What many don’t realize about religion is that no matter which one anyone comes from, they were all brought about for the same purpose. They all came into existence by explaining the unexplainable and giving ourselves a higher set of values to live by. Where everything starts to fall apart is when we become arrogant about our beliefs so it can appear as though other’s opinions or beliefs appear threatening to our own. This is the same philosophy that has started many wars all throughout history, as groups and religions constantly battle over each other’s philosophies. Below we elaborate a little bit on just how easily a trigger such as religion can start war after war.

People Don’t Like Change

Sometimes it seems as though there seems to be no other way around our differences than to fight over them. Time and time again, two different religions encounter one another on the same territory, each being threatened by the other’s philosophies. These types of situations almost always end up in war. Most of the times the causes for this boil down to one trigger, st is all too common for most people to look at another person who is different and frown upon them, treat them differently and despise them because of it. In fact, it is almost ironic just how many wars are started over religion, seeing as all religions preach similar values of peace and love.

What Can We Do To Put An End To It?

So given how many wars are started just from hatred between groups, is there anything we as humans can do to stop it? If there is an answer it lies in diving deeper into each and every one of the religions. Almost all of them as mentioned before, preach the same values so as opposed to fighting each other over fear of being different, we need to celebrate what we have in common. Religion ultimately teaches us a way to raise ourselves as mind body and spirit, not drag them into the depths of hatred and war.

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